The business activities range from consulting to the optimal use of all available biomass fuels. Not only wood chips or pellets from the wood, but also harmful cereals, energy grain, spelt husks, corn, corn cob, vegetable pellets, cherry pips and leaves in the form of briquettes are all efficient fuels burners.

The Philosophy of the company

Buildings are often just as unique and individual as the requirements of their respective owners. Standardized technology does not usually meet the demands of different clients.

BIOKOMPAKT® has therefore taken on the task of responding to these demands and delivers an optimized solution.


Many of our customers already have biomass fuels, but are unaware that they can be used for heating.

All biomass fuels are already available, wood chips or wood pellets are not the only ones, there are also many different types of biogenic materials.


Biogenic materials are defined as biomass that is left over from the agricultural productivity as well as cultivation landscape management.

We pay particular attention to the thermal recycling of various fuels used with biomass heating. We also take into account the environmental impact as well as the efficient use of biomass fuels.


BIOKOMPAKT® Heating Technology GmbH develops, designs and sells biomass heating systems including automatical loading under the brand name 'BIOKOMPAKT®.

We are extremely confident and believe our product, production methods and suppliers to be of top quality. Approximately 95 % of our suppliers are Austrian companies. The remainder of our suppliers are from Germany, Italy and Switzerland